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About me

Mercedes has always been into the arts. From a young age she began accomplishing things she didn't know were possible. From writing short stories in the 1st grade, playing cello for the queen of Liberia in the 7th, singing in talent shows to becoming president of the Drama Team in high school, Mercedes was never afraid to do it all. In 2011, she won a full tuition scholarship to Roosevelt University after writing a 500 word essay that began with a poem. Unfortunately she was unable to accept but was instead led into the world of modeling a few years later. After four years, several hair campaigns and runway shows, Mercedes realized she had a strong passion for Makeup Artistry. This passion grew and ultimately lead to hair styling as well, she has since found great joy and success in the beauty industry working for clients such as Rosario Dawson, Aunjanue Ellis, Nadia Rawlinson, Scottie Pippen, Cheri, Oteri, Kate Arrington, Yusef Jackson, Ulta Beauty, Intel, Walgreens, Nike, Bank of America and more.

Mercedes had no idea that buying lip gloss and eyeliner each day in high school would lead her to such a fulfilling career in the beauty industry. She values each and every client and strives to provide services that are to their complete satisfaction. Her love for her craft is expressed through her vibrant disposition and delicate, loving touch. 

 "I want to change the world like no one has before. To uproot lives and be sure they're never ignored. To come from silence, from darkness, from sleep. Towards a place where only willows weep." - Mercedes Small

Mercedes Andria Small

Hair & Makeup Artist

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