• Mercedes Small

Pride & Praise

I find myself filling my oil diffuser and lighting candles after long days of work or no work and I think about the previous day, week, year, etc. I spend a lot of time with myself so when I see my friends or fellow artists, everyone sends a flood of compliments and praise for my work. Great, people actually notice me, cool.

Mid praise, there are always these awkward thoughts like, "Ok, please stop talking about me now." and " I'm really not all that great people."

In my community there are significant differences between the people who think they're great and those who truly are. Differences in the people who would like to sound inspirational and those who simply inspire. My personal thoughts on greatness and inspiration stretch much further than what an artist can do with their tools.

It's so easy to become good at something but ignore those everyday reminders to self to remain humble, don't burn bridges and that you cannot be someone else's best self, only yours. This is why although so many people have mentioned to me that I inspire them, I continuously remind myself not to allow pride to weave it's way into the praise. Everyone is working on a different skill, a different challenge, etc. I am not my best self, not even close to. The whole world could think your incredible, it's important to acknowledge that you are and so are they.

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